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Senaru Waterfalls


            Tucked away in the lower reaches of Mount Rinjani area a series of three dramatic cascading waterfalls providing a cool and refreshing alternative to trekking up the mountain . the spectacular Sendang Gile, the first waterfall, is a highly photogenic sight, surrounded by a lush rainforest canopy with water plummeting over 50 meters into deep freest water pools. It is the perfect sport  for a refreshing dip. Sendang Gile is just a  short walk from the roadside and by virtue of this is the most popular to visit, but there is more to see as you head further up. A 30- 50 minute trek further on will present a glimpse of Tiu Kelep waterfall, another captivating sight, which fills the clean mountain  air with blowing mist. There is a nice bathing pool to cool down. Even further upstream, is Batra Lenjang waterfall which is a real hidden gem as it can only be reached with expert climbing skills. The few people that make is this far head straight for the nearby crystal clear hot spring to soothe those aches and pains.

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