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Panorama Walk (Bangket Bayan – Senaru Water Fall)


Waking up at 6.30 AM. Then you will have a breakfast in the hotel you stay and the guide will pick you up for a Panorama Walk (Bangket Bayan – Senaru Water Fall) full-day tour.

At 7.30 AM we will go for a trip from Senaru through the fields for about 40 minutes before we arrived at a river in which the water is refreshingly fresh and natural in Bangket Bayan Forest. Then we will continue our trip to Bangket Bayan through te forest, crossing the river and taking a walk for 45 minutes until we arrive at traditional Bangket Bayan of which the height reaches approximately 600 m asl where you can enjoy the view from above to any directions.

You will be satisfied with the panorama of green fresh field curving in a row forming kind of stairs, and the guide will let you take some rest in berugak enjoying soft drink and snacks while you witness the activities of local villagers working on their fields conventionally. After taking some rest, we will continue the trip following rice paddies where you can see the tiny paddies all over the ground for this field only got paddy crops. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the farmers plowing their fields with their cows or buffalos.

After taking a round in the field, interacting with the farmers and observing the uniqueness of the fields which lays on top of the hill (Bangket Bayan) in a half and an hour, we will continue going to indigenous forest of Bangket Bayan, then we will go for Bangket Uban,  and continue the trip to Senaru Water Fall

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