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About Us


CV Rinjani Kingdom is a legal company that offers some programs such as Mt. Rinjani trekking and tour in Lombok Island. The company is experienced with various tourism experiences for more than 10 years. With those experiences, we are able to provide professional services to our customers and relations. We provide all information about Mt. Rinjani volcano and all things related to trekking and tour programs such as information of guides, porters and equipment. The special thing about our service is that you will not only go trekking and enjoy the natural beauty of Lombok but we will also take you to know better about Lombok and the tradition of its people since the first time you step your feet on the land. When you first arrive in Lombok, we will welcome you and serve you with the special food of Lombok.

Vision & Mission

  • Introducing the cultures of Lombok to the whole wide world and contributing to local people so that the visitors will get the hospitality and comfort from the locals friendly attitude by serving the visitors with Sasak-culture-oriented food and tour.
  • Keeping and preserving the nature by taking the plastics and metal trashes taken to Mt. Rinjani back to the headquarter.

Office Location

Our office is located in Jalan Parawisata Senaru Bayan. All of our staffs are from Kecamatan Bayan and they are the residents of Bayan Village which is located at the foot of Mt. Rinjani.